Short and Sweet

​MYCLEANLAKE is about spreading awareness, that each of us can have a direct positive impact on our immediate surrounding, with only limited resources at hand. This being said, I clean Lake Zurich in Switzerland. Obviously not the entire lake; I keep it strictly parochial and roam the premises close to my doorstep. Armed with only a pair of goggles and a laundry net bag, I dive the lake once or twice per week in search of items which don't necessarily belong there. I initially started this little undertaking because I was bothered by a glass shard which almost cut my left foot. It then escalated into a hobby and before I knew it, I was hauling out mopeds, manhole covers and other randomly disposed objects.

Through this website, I want to document my vast and assorted findings and encourage others to engage in a pro-active lifestyle. It's all a matter of attitude. I don't expect people to jump into the lake and do the same. I'm not a tree-hugger, nor am I a big fan of organizations and companies which expect you to donate your hard-earned money in exchange for a piece of mind. There are ample things which bother us on an individual basis and it is solely up to us to take the first step and decide to make a difference. Be it cleaning the forest, your neighborhood streets, donating your time at the animal shelter or simply helping an elderly person cross an intersection. . . the possibilities are endless.